Compare Porter Cable PIN138 vs. Porter Cable BN200A

Compare Porter Cable PIN138 vs. Porter Cable BN200A

Although there may be a few features to compare between the two Porter Cable brad nailers, they are both pretty durable pieces of equipment. We’ll dig a little deeper into those comparisons and let you make your choice. But I have to warn you, there isn’t too many things to compare. If these were the only brad nailers available on the market you’d still be getting the best bang for your buck. Anyhow let me stop rambling and get to the comparisons. Are you ready? Okay let’s start!

Features of the Porter Cable PIN138

The Porter Cable PIN138 is a handy little durable brad nailer. You won’t find too many disappointments with this nail gun.

It’s perfect for light duty jobs or larger jobs. It packs a nice little punch and does well concealing itself when nailing intricate sections of molding.

It may not shoot two inch nails but being able to shoot up to 1-3/8″ is just as fine for the smaller moldings or picture framing.

Let’s Take A Look At Some Of The Highlighted Features Of The Porter Cable PIN138

  • There’s no need to worry about your hands or arms getting fatigued. This little brad nailer is very lightweight
  • Right along with being a lightweight product, this brad nailer is also light on the pockets.
  • With the ability for dual firing, that’s always a good feature when it come to nail guns
  • Having an adjustable depth is idea for different molding thicknesses as well as soft and hard woods.
  • Misfires is a carpenters worst nightmare. You don’t have to worry about to many misfires with this nailer
  • Along with being durable it has pretty good balance as well.
  • This nail gun comes with a well structured nail holder that’s made out of very durable products. Basically it can take a beating.
  • There’s no need to pump the air supply up really high. This brad nailer already packs a good punch. It has some very nice power.
  • By being oiless you don’t have to worry about messing up your masterpiece with leaks from the nail gun.

Features of the Porter Cable BN200A

Porter-Cable BN200A 3/4-Inch to 2-Inch 18-Gauge Brad Nailer The Porter Cable BN200A is in the same class as the previous featured gun and is just as good. It also comes with great durability and balance.

It has an added bonus of being able to shoot 2″ gun nails allowing it to take on larger projects demanding them heavier loads. It’s able to hold it’s own against those other popular nail guns like the Dewalt, Senco and others.

It’s a little higher in price than the previous nail gun but based on it’s features, it’s the go-to-gun of choice.

Let’s Take A Look At Some Of The Highlighted Features Of The Porter Cable BN200A

  • Countersinking is no problem when it comes to this nail gun. It conceals nails just enough beneath the surface.
  • Misfires? What’s that? That’s not a problem you have to worry about with the BN200A
  • When based on the power and durability of this brad nailer, the pricing makes good sense. It fits in a class of it’s own.
  • You won’t have problems dragging around this nail gun attached to an air hose. It’s very lightweight.
  • Some nail guns comes with not so great nail holders made out of cheap products. You won’t find that cheapness in this brad nailer.
  • The balance that the Porter Cable BN200A comes with is great for those hard to nail spots requiring great balance.
  • Shooting 2″ nails is not a problem for soft and hard woods alike. There’s no complaints about shooting the larger nails.
  • It also has a great capacity to house the smaller pin nails and larger nails up to 2 inches.
  • Also packed with a punch, this nail gun holds its own with the nailing of many types of woods.

If you are not in the market of spending money on the higher priced finish nailers, the Porter Cable BN200A is the next best option.

Porter-Cable pin nailer

How They’re the Same

Although These Brad Nailers Are Ranked #1 and #2 They Come With Some Very Similar Features.

  1. They both are very lightweight and durable.
  2. They both come with great power.
  3. Countersinking is no problem with wither brad nailer.
  4. Minimal misfires is the name of the game for both nail guns.
  5. Pricing is great based on the highly favored features that both guns possess.

How They’re Different

These are both great brad nailers but no two products are built alike. Let’s take a look at some of the differences.

  1. The safety mechanism lies beneath the firing hole on the BN200A and is perfectly placed on the PIN138.
  2. The safety clip on the BN200A allows the gun to fire when it is pressed up against wood and may cause light scarring. The PIN138 has no problems in this area.
  3. The Porter Cable PIN138 is a $100 cheaper than the BN200A.
  4. The BN200A has the ability to shoot up to 2″ nails and the PIN138 up to 1-3/8″ nails.
  5. The PIN138 comes with 2000 brad nails and a wrench. The BN200A only has 1000 brad nails and no wrench.

Conclusion – Should You Buy Porter-Cable PIN138 or Porter-Cable BN200A?

Let’s find out if there’s a clear winner between the two products and which pin nailer will work best for you. Of course you have Harry The Homeowner and the real finish carpenter that cannot live without these tools. Some of you may be asking which nail gun is best for each situation. Of course Harry The Homeowner will be using brad nailers for smaller projects or even crafts. It’s possibly one of those situations where they want to get good results from the tools they’re using but wants to keep cost at a minimum. The Porter Cable PIN138 will definitely fit this category. It’s limitation is it only shoots up to 1-3/8″ nails making it idea for the smaller projects. But because of that do not think that it is not durable enough to withstand the bigger projects too.

Of course trim carpenters will need a nail gun that is able to perform on both levels such as home projects and crafts and whole house trim jobs involving larger crown moldings and such. When you get into installing 3-1/4 – 5-1/4″ moldings, you need at least a 2″ nail to hit the top plate of the wall beneath the sheetrock. It’s not a matter of the BN200A being more durable than the PIN138 because both guns are able to take on the challenge. It’s simply a matter of one gun being able to take on larger projects with ability to shoot 2″ nails and the other not being able to shoot larger nails. This is the only downfall of the PIN138.

So when deciding on which nail gun is best based on quality, pricing and durability, I’d have to say that both guns performs well. It all depends on what type of user you are and your purpose of using these brad nailers. If you want something to get by with for small projects at a lower price than the PIN138 is the nail gun for you. If you are looking for something that can handle larger jobs and a daily operation, you are looking for the BN200A. In either situation you are making a very good choice. More than likely most trim carpenters will go with the BN200A because you can just interchange the nails as needed. Light jobs 1-3/8″ or large heavier jobs 2″.

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