Porter-Cable 23-Gauge Pin Nailer Review

Porter Cable PIN138 23-Gauge Review

The number one choice on our list, the Porter Cable PIN138 pin brad nailer. It’s one of the best nailers out there to discuss. And that’s exactly what we will be doing, discussing one of the most sought after brad nailers on the market. It’s known for it’s solid construction; balance and durability; safety features and more. And the best feature is it’s a very affordable brad nailer that will pay for itself over time. If you are a trim carpenter, it’ll probably pay for itself using the nailer on its very first project. But we won’t spoil it for you. All the valuable details will be mentioned in this article.

The Aluminum Body and Magazine Construction of the PIN138 is Perfect for Durability!

With it’s rugged durability and its convenient side-load magazine which holds 130 micro pin nails, the Porter Cable PIN138 is ready for any project large or small. No need to worry about nails jamming or misfires. This brad nailer comes with a very solid aluminum body, not to mention the durable magazine construction. It can literally take a beating on the job site. With all of these fantastic feature it’s still a well constructed and balanced brad nailer that’s packed with an affordable price. Some of the more heavy duty nailers doesn’t come with this type of body and magazine construction.

Personally for an all around brad nailer that can handle its job and withstand the test of times like this, it should be your first option when purchasing a brad nailer. Search around the internet and see how many negative comments you can find about the Porter Cable PIN138 brad nailer. Go ahead, we’ll wait! It’s basically impossible to find anything negative, correct? What more can we say about on the best solid body and construction brad nailers?

My Absolute Favorite Features of the Porter Cable PIN138 Pin Nailer

One the interesting things about the Porter Cable PIN138 brad nailer is ability to shoot nails through hardwoods such as oak. Having experienced with other nail guns not being able to countersink nails properly, this is an very good feature about this brad nailer.

Who wants to walk around or go searching for a nail set? The power and durability of this brad nailer makes it perfect for heavy duty jobs. The nails are almost invisible once nailed into woods. This type of nailing is perfect for cutting down on the need for filling and sanding. There’s power in its shot making it one of the best finishing nailers on the market right now.

  1. Long life maintenance free motor to keep from staining the work surface – when working on projects that demand high quality, you don’t want to have to worry about your equipment dripping oil or greases on your almost finished product. Get comfort in knowing that the PIN138 has a maintenance free motor.
  2. Consistent power and penetration to sink 1-3/8-Inch nails sub-flush into oak – For such a small brad nailer it works well on some of the hardest woods out there. It’s ability to shoot 1-3/8″ nails is a great feature of this brad nailer. No reason to pull out your nail set. Porter Cable is on the job.
  3. Tool automatically adjusts for different fastener lengths – There are a lot of nailers out there that can use interchangeable nails made from other manufacturers. The Porter Cable PIN138 has the ability to automatically adjust to any compatible nails. This is a great added advantage that will also eliminate nail jams.
  4. A Dual-stack ring system – This brings about a maintenance free brad nailer that can last for years. With the ability to minimize internal friction, the Porter Cable PIN138 will more than likely withstand many years of use probably outlasting some of your other favorite nail guns.
  5. Weighs just 2.2 pounds – When you factor in dragging around an air hose with a heavy duty nail gun attached to the end, you envision something heavy and fatigue provoking right? Not with this nailer! This brad nailer will prevent you from worrying about work fatigue. It’s very lightweight and well balanced.

There Were A Couple Of Features That I Wish The Porter Cable PIN138 Had.

There weren’t many flaws that could be found with this brad nailer. If I had to make a choice it would be the hose attachment and not being able to shoot 2″ nails.

  1. The hose attachment should have a swivel body for when dragging around an air hose. With a swivel body hose attachment on the Porter Cable PIN138 you could diminish hose kinks and twist that make it annoying when working on larger jobs. With the swivel attachment the air hose would become more flexible and agreeing with movement around the job site.
  2. Only shoots up to 1-3/8″ nails. This brad nailer ranks so high with balance, durability and solid construction that it would be nice to be able to use it on projects like larger crown moldings and other trim applications. Unfortunately it will not shoot 2″ nails. I’m sure the power of the gun alone would be able to handle the load.

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